The Yaroslav's Court

Yaroslav In ancient times Novgorod was divided in two parts that were situated on the opposite sides of the Volkhov River - the Sophia Side and the Trade Side. The Kremlin dominated the Sophia Side, while the Yaroslav's Court and the marketplace were the main locations on the Trade Side.
The Yaroslav's Court derives its name from Yaroslav the Wise who built his palace at this location. The palace was mentioned in the chronicles of Novgorod as one of the most magnificent in Russia. It was a political and economical center of the city. Since the 8th century the Yaroslav's Court was widely known as a site of international trade, the oldest in northern Europe. There were some 1,500 stalls at the market in the 16th century. Merchants from Western Europe, the East and Byzantium were frequent visitors there.
Today the Yaroslav's Court is one of the most scenic places of Novgorod the Great. It unites the area around the old market, including many still-standing monuments of the 12th - 16th centuries and the arched wall, one of the most recognizable of all landmarks of Novgorod the Great. The wall used to form the entrance into the inner yard of the market.
Stunning panoramic view of the Volkhov River and the Kremlin located opposite the Yaroslav's Court is also a reason that attracts numerous tourists to this place every year.

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